Thursday, April 14, 2016

Light-Up Boho Chandelier

I've been wanting to make a boho chandelier for quite a while, so when Osram Lightify asked me to make a project using their new Gardenspot Mini Lights, I jumped at the chance!  This light up chandelier would be PERFECT for an outdoor wedding.  The best part is that it uses a simple tomato cage as a base AND it changes color!  Yup, you heard me.  I can control the brightness and hue of this chandelier with a swipe on my smart phone!  Just download the app, install the Osram Gardenspot Mini lights, plug in the Gateway and wirelessly connect the lights to your phone.  BOOM!  Your chandelier can now go from pink to orange in a swipe.  How cool is that!
A rainbow of color choices for evening.......
Beautiful during the day.....
See how to put it together here!
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Stuff You'll Need
Large tomato cage
3 yards sheer cream fabric
3 yards lace cream fabric
Lace trim & ribbon in cream
Doilies or heavy lace trim
Osram Lightify Gardenspot Mini Lights
Lightify on Amazon:
Lightify at Lowes:
Glue gun
Pearl trim (about 5 yards)
4-6 large white feathers
Here's How
1. Cut about twenty 10" pieces of ribbon
2. & 3. Tie the end of your string of Gardenspot Mini lights to the largest ring of the tomato cage
4. Wrap and tie until you get to the 3rd (smallest) ring of the cage
5. & 6. Cut 1 1/2" wide strips of lace and sheer fabric
*Clip along the selvage edge and rip if you can, it's easier
7. Tie 4 strips of lace or sheer fabric on the largest ring to hang the cage while you work
8. Fold the pieces in half and slip knot them around the rings and light wires
*Start with the smallest ring and work your way up
9. Drape and hot glue strands of pearls, ribbon and lace trim around the top ring of the chandelier
10.  Hot glue the heavy lace trim around the top rim of the chandelier and add more pearl trim
11. Plug in the Osram Lightify Gateway
12. Connect the Gateway to your phone with the app and pick a color for your chandelier


  1. These chandeliers are amazing and I think boho stuff is a great way to give your party an amazing fusion look. I was looking for similar awesome ideas along with venues Chicago in budget. Hoping to arrange a perfect party.

  2. Coolness. I bet white or even colored Christmas lights would work too huh? I've got to try and make 1 of these. So elegant

  3. Mark the Spark ⚡️ ~ I can’ even keep up. I want to make everything you create! I stopped even looking at other channels because I find whatever I’m looking for here! An authentic Boho Channel!! ❓Did you pick up your feathers at a local craft store ❓The ones online leave a lot to be desired.

    1. Easier to order them online. Amazon is a great place to get the things you really can't find at a craft store. Also Ebay