Friday, April 8, 2016

Faux Opals DIY

I seriously had no idea that opals are found in every color until I started researching this project!  Not only that, raw opals are just as beautiful as the polished stones we're used to seeing.  For some reason when I was making this project I kept thinking of my gram who used to give me all of her old brooches when I was a kid.  I loved hoarding anything sparkly that looked like a treasure.  Truth be told, I went a little overboard making this jewelry and I now have a stash that could sink a pirate ship!  Also, who knew there was another use for gift basket Easter grass?! I hope you like this project as much as I do and remember.......
Have fun, make stuff and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Julie rocking her new stash of faux opal jewelry
This is only part of the stash I made for this project!
Every color under the sun
See exactly how they're made here
Stuff You'll Need
Nail Polish
Jewelry Findings
Angel Hair (Opalescent Easter Grass)
Small Torch or Lighter
Here's How
1. Knead equal parts of the molding putty together and create a flat ball
2. & 3. Push the cabochons into the molding putty and wait 10 minutes for your mold to set
4. Cut angel hair into small pieces so it looks like chunky glitter
5.  Mix a small amount of the Glaze Coat together
6.  Mix in the angel hair pieces into the Glaze Coat
7. Pour into the molds and pop bubbles with a small torch or lighter
8.  When set (wait 8 hours) paint the backs with different colors of nail polish
*This will give the opals different colors
9.  Set in jewelry with E-6000 glue

So chic!


  1. I must make Azur, the Blue Wizard's Rings! The jewelry artist and children's book author in me is going nuts! Mark Montano, Magician at large! Who knows? You could be a character in book IV!

  2. I would be making the same amount! I have no self restraint!

  3. These are beautiful. I love hoarding sparkly things too :)

  4. Gorgeous, I can't wait to start! Thank you

  5. I might try this with polymer clay instead of resin.

  6. Can you use glitter in the opal.

    1. Might give a different effect but you should try!

  7. Just hit a button "by mistake" and got this web page. You really are terrifically talented. I did find the tyvek beads and make them with other do-dads and just enjoy you and every step. Thanks for sharing your kind spirit and creativity. This is a form of service to humanity that should never be overlooked. One quesstion and since I don't know how to get back to this page, can you e-mail the answer, too? My question is how in hell do I subscribe to your site? I'm really not too much of a dolt, I just cannot find it anywhere (I've tried before, too and gave up). Betsy

    1. Right under about me there is a Subscribe by email option. It was accidentally removed when they updated my site. So sorry about that!

  8. This might be the coolest diy jewelry project I have ever seen!! Now, I am so aggravated with myself for finally tossing out all the Easter grass I saved for years,jic I found something useful to do with it! I knew I'd find a reason eventually. I don't know how many strands I pulled from my vacuum cleaner for weeks after Easter ,year after year. So,of course I couldn't find a single strand in existence!! I LOVE opals,every color,shape,size,real,fake,but now I'll be able to afford to have some. I wonder if they sell really small cabochons?hmmm. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Happy you like it! I'm a huge fan of opals, too!