Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No-Sew Pillowcase DIY

When I say no-sew, I mean not one single stitch, baby!  It took me hours and hours to figure out how to make a professional, beautiful pillowcase for all my friends out there who don't have a sewing machine, but I finally did it!  I absolutely love the way these turned out.  In fact, they're on my bed as I write this.  The key with this project is measuring and ironing.  If you can do those two things, you're IN!  Have fun!

See exactly how it's made here!
Stuff You'll Need
2 Yards Cotton Fabric
Tape measure
Masking tape
E-6000 Stitchless (fabric glue)
1" wide ribbon
1. Cut a piece of fabric that is 36" x 37" 
2.  Cut a piece of ribbon that is 36" long
3. Measure down 10" from the 36" edge and draw a line across the fabric
4. Squeeze out a very thin line of E-6000 Stitchless
*The key to using this glue is thin, clean lines
5. Place and iron the ribbon edge on the line of stitchless
*Don't worry if you see the glue through the ribbon, it will be covered in a second!
6.  Add a strip of masking tape 1/2" above the ribbon (on the 10" side)
7. Spread a thin layer of Stitchless along the tape in the area between the ribbon and the tape and then remove the tape
*Use a brush to spread the glue evenly along the tape to create a perfect line
8. Fold the 10" extension over the ribbon and press
9. Fold out the 10" extension back, exposing the ribbon, and press
10.  Working on the inside of the fabric, fold the edge of the 10" extension under the crease you just made with the ribbon and then press the fold
11. & 12. Add Stitchless in the crease along the edge and press the raw edge into the crease
13. Fold the pillowcase in half and mark the center on the raw edge side (not the finished side)
14.  On the right side of the fabric add tape (1/2" from the edge) along one side and to the center mark, fold and press the case in half
15. Clip the corner 
16.  Turn the pillowcase right side out and press

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