Friday, November 11, 2016

Easy Boho Wall Decor

Grab some plywood and a jigsaw and make an impact with these easy boho wall decor projects!  Moon phase wall hangings are all the rage so I'm showing you two different ways to make one for your home.  If you're a feather fan, this simple metallic cut out will add some zing to any room.   Remember......paint things metallic, learn how to use a jigsaw and always Make Your Mark!
Feather, feather on the wall.....
I decorated my closet door with this moon phase wall hanging!

See how to make them here!
1/2" thick plywood
Jigsaw and sander
Hook screws
Americana Decor Metallics and Satin Enamels
1.  Draw your feather on the plywood in any size you want
*Mine is 36" long
2.  Use a large bowl to create your different moon phases
4. 5. & 6.  Cut out everything with jigsaw and then sand the rough edges
7.  Paint the feather and all of the moon phases with the Americana Decor Metallics in Vintage Brass
*Once you've painted the feather, you're done with it
8.  Paint the full moon in Americana Decor Satin Enamels in Dark Denim
9.  Paint tiny star and moon details with the Vintage Brass on one side of the full moon
Optional:  Splatter the edges of the full moon with the Vintage Brass to create more stars
10. & 11.  Print out the blue moon (1 for each moon phase) in the same size as your moon cut outs and decoupage them to the shapes
12.  Attach the shapes with 4" lengths of chain and hang

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