Friday, November 4, 2016

Jar Makeover with Coloring Books

If you're a bit of a hoarder like me, I'll bet you have a ton of pasta and jam jars in your cabinets just waiting for a fun weekend project, right?  Some days I can barely get to my coffee mug in the morning because they just keep piling up and I won't toss them out!  Well, grab your adult coloring books and let's make some snazzy pencil cups.  It's easy and they'll look amazing with all of your colorful writing tools.  Remember to recycle, stay organized and always
Make Your Mark!

Yup, I went a little nuts! 

Watch how I made them here!
Coloring book pages *I copied mine on my home computer
Spray bottle with water
Krylon Paint Marker
1.  Measure the jar from top to base
2. Cut out the shape so it fits around the jar
3.  Cut slits every 1/2" or so along the top and bottom so that it can easily fit around the tapered ends of the jar when you decoupage
4.  Mist the paper on the front and back side to relax it
*This ensures you have no bubbles when you apply it
5.  Apply the decoupage to a section of the jar and keep adding it around the jar as
you adhere the paper
6.  Coat the entire jar with more decoupage
7.  When completely dry, scrape off the excess around the mouth with a craft knife for a clean edge
8.  Use a paint marker around the mouth edge to give it a nice finish
9.  Fill them with your writing tools

So pretty!