Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rag Rug Pendant Lamp

I've always loved the shabby chic lampshades covered in strips of fabric so I thought I'd take that technique and create something over-the-top for my backyard.  After a little bit of weaving (you'll never guess where I got all of the fabric strips!) I had a pendant lamp worthy of my colorful patio!  Pick colors that match your decor if this is too much for you.  Use ribbon or strands of beads for this to make it a little different.  Heck, use all three together!  Fact is, the base is what this project is all about.  Remember, have fun, make light and always Make Your Mark!

 Why not make two?

 Watch how I did it here
Rag rug (you could use fabric strips)
Wire planter baskets
Light cord and eco-friendly bulb
1.  Trim off the fringe and remove the strips of fabric from the rug
2.  Tie a knot at the base of the basket and start weaving around and around tying the strips of fabric to each other as you go
3.  Continue until you get to the bottom and secure with another knot
*You could use just one, but I used two for my lamp
5.  Thread the cord through the base of one basket and screw in the eco-friendly bulb
*Eco-friendly bulbs do not give off heat
6.  Wire the mouths of each woven basket together and hang

Alien pods! 

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