Friday, June 16, 2017

Agate Stained Glass Window

 When I was a kid I would beg my dad to let me buy polished rocks at those touristy trading posts you find in every mountain town.  Now as an adult (some would argue) I'm seriously in love with polished agate slices.  So much so that I printed out tons of different agate images to make this funky stained glass window for my yard.  Guess what?!  I love this just as much as if it were made of the real thing.  No way would I be able to afford all of these agate slices for a project like this.  Also, it would weigh a TON.  Instead I found a way to make it look (almost) like the real thing!  Remember to search out different ways to get the look you want and always Make Your Mark!
Letting the sun shine in...
I painted the glass black in between the images here.

Maybe an entire wall of these?
Watch how to make it here!
1. & 2.  Print and cut out enough agate images to cover your glass
3.  Lay them out and figure out your design
4. Decoupage them on the glass using a generous amount of Americana Decoupage
5.  Add Allure Crystal Glitter to the centers and let dry
6. & 7.  Mix and pour the 2 part epoxy resin on top of the glass
8.  Spread evenly with a sponge brush
9. Pop the bubbles with a small torch or long arm lighter
10.  Cover and let cure overnight
11.  Optional:  Flip the window and trace in black marker around each shape
12. Paint black acrylic in between the agates to give it a Gothic look
On the back porch.....LOVE IT!


  1. Hi mark, i cannot find the images on your blog here. When i click on that link i get the glitter stuff. Am i missing something?

    1. It's all fixed now! Thanks for pointing it out. :)

    2. Mark I absolutely LOVE The agate stained glass window Have you ever tried cutting out two of Each Agate Slice and INSTEAD of painting black between on the back, after front is completes door the back with the matching agate images and then your finished window could be hung from two small screws in tip and seen from both sides as beautiful in a garden or the window installed

  2. So being a window it would be nice to have this visible from both sides. What type of issues may I run into if I reverse print a second set of images and glue them back to back? Also could I paint the glass on the front side before glazing the whole thing?

    1. You could print them on acetate if you want to view it from the back. OR you could do a reverse and glue them together. Just make sure to completely seal them with the decoupage medium before you pour the Glaze Coat. I don't see any issue with doing it this way. I would not paint first as it would not allow the light to shine through nicely.

  3. Very nice work, Mark. I see this as a great example of faux stained glass - great beginner recipe and tutorial. I`m wondering how do you repair stained glass like this one if something happens

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