Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cute Upholstered Ikea Pom Pom Stools

While wandering aimlessly through Ikea a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Frosta stools and decided they were just way too cute to pass up.  I bought 3 of them because one just wasn't going to cut it.  Since I couldn't really decide on a fabric I decided to hit Ebay to bid on some embroidered table cloths from India.  I got them for less than $20 with shipping included!  If you ever need something colorful & bohemian (and amazing), THIS is where to go!  Thanks to my friends at FairfieldWorld.com I had some foam and batting at the ready to hack the hallelujah out of these stools!  Now they're just my style.  Remember, hack everything, use beautiful fabrics and always Make Your Mark! 
Like colorful mushrooms on my lawn

Watch how to make them here!
2.  Matching heavy cotton
3.  Pompom trim
4. Craft knives & Staple Gun
6. Sewing machine
7. Ikea Frosta Stools
8.  2" Cushion Foam & Cushion Wrap from Fairfield World
1.  Cut the tablecloth into for equal pieces
*If the pieces are large enough to cover the stool seats, skip steps 2. & 3. 
2. & 3.   Cut 4" strips and sew them to the edges of the squares to even out the pieces 
and make them bigger
4. & 5. Trace the stool seat on the 2" foam and cut out with a fully extended craft knife
6.  Glue the foam to the top of the Frosta seat
7. Cut a piece of batting large enough to wrap the foam and wood seat and staple it around the base of the wood seat
8.  Trim the edges
9. &10. Center your fabric on top of the seat, flip over and staple around the underside 
along the edge and trim
  11.  Trace another seat on poster board and cut
12.  Trace the circle on fabric and cut
13.  Cut 1/2" from the poster board circle all the way around
14.  Press the fabric around the poster board to create a clean, crisp edge
15.  Glue to the underside of the stool to cover the staples and let dry
16.  Paint the legs with Outdoor Living in colors that match the fabric
17.  Screw in the legs
18.  Glue pompom trim around the edge of each stool and pin in place until dry
Too cool for stool!


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