Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sugar Skull Decal Dishes

 GraphicStock.com recently asked me to create a project using a few of their 350,000 royalty free images and I couldn't resist.  Not only do they have a zillion images, they have tons of beautiful sugar skulls and super cool adult coloring book pages to download, too.  Once I picked my images, I whipped out my ink jet decal paper and immediately went to work.  The awesome thing about ink jet decal paper is that you can print any image you want and apply it to almost anything!  Once they're cured they're dishwasher safe, but to be double sure, I coated them with some Americana Dishwasher Safe Decoupage.  Awesome stuff, BTW!  Remember to turn your favorite images into decals, plaster them on everything and always
Make Your Mark!
So ready for summer!

Mugs with mugs!
Watch how easy they are to make here!
GraphicStock.com images of sugar skulls
1.  Print your images on the ink jet decal paper and let dry
2. Seal with Krylon Acrylic Clear Coat and let dry
3. Carefully cut around your images
4.  Moisten the area you want to apply the decal
5.  Place the decal face down on the damp area
6. Generously wet the paper decal with a sponge being careful not to shift it 
7. & 8.  Carefully slide off the decal and let the decal dry
9.  Coat the decal with Americana Dishwasher Safe Decoupage
Some images for you to print!
Just love my new coffee mugs!

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