Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flow Painted Dresser Ikea Hack

There is nothing more fun than dripping tons of paint on a canvas and watching it flow together.....NOTHING!  Lately I've been seeing tons of "dirty pour" paintings and flow paintings and thought it might be fun to incorporate the technique into a furniture piece.  So, that's just what I did.  I grabbed a RAST dresser at Ikea and went nutty bananas.  Because I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to paint the drawer fronts, I had 1/4" plywood cut to about the same size so I could experiment.  If you're more confident than I am, I say go for it on the drawer fronts and skip that part! Just FYI, it's much easier to flow paint a thin piece of plywood IF the dresser you're making over is already assembled.  Remember to get messy, use tons of color and always Make Your Mark!

Getting messy!

Watch how fun it is to make here!
1/4" plywood cut to the size of the drawer fronts
Small cups and spoons
1.  Pour your colors into small cups and add about 10% water to each color and stir
2. & 3.   In 2 colors, spray a shot of silicone lubricant into the paint and stir
*This will cause a chemical reaction with the other paints and give some terrific "cell" effects
4.  Paint the edges of your plywood in a solid color
5.  Drip the paints on the plywood
6.  Move the plywood in all directions so that the paints blends together and covers the entire surface of the plywood
7.  Drip some other colors on your piece if you feel like there is a blank spot
*Let everything dry for as long as it takes
8.  I painted the edges of the drawer fronts black so that each plywood piece would look like it was framed
9.  Paint the rest of the dresser
10.  Glue the dry painted pieces to the drawer fronts with E-6000 Glue
11.  Assemble the drawers and extend the original drilled holes through the painted plywood so that you can add the hardware
12.  Screw in the knobs and put in the drawers!
Go with the flow!

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