Saturday, July 15, 2017

Artist Side Table DIY

I was at Home Goods the other day and saw a VERY flimsy version of this artist's palette table and thought to myself, I want to make a sturdy version of this!   Since I always grab scrap wood and save old chairs, I had everything I needed to put it together.   My favorite part of this project was being able to use a broken chair for the table base!  Remember to think twice before you toss out old furniture and always Make Your Mark!
Looks so cute on the grass! 

 Watch how easy it is to make here!
Sander & Jigsaw
Old Chair
1.  Create your pattern on butcher paper or a large piece of newspaper
2.  Trace your pattern on plywood
3. & 4.  Cut out & sand your palette shape
5.  Create your messy palette with Premium Acrylics
6. Mix and coat the table top with Famowood Glaze Coat epoxy resin and let cure
7.  & 8.  Remove the base from an old chair and paint black
9.  Screw to the underside of the palette table top
 Love how this matches any room!

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