Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Unicorn SPiT Fiesta Pots

 If you follow me you know that I have an obsession with Mexican serape blankets and I'm always trying to paint something with the beautiful color-to-color, ombre stripes.  For this project, I  managed to combine three things I love very much, Unicorn SPiT, my old record player, and a brightly colored serape pattern.  Behold, my Fiesta Pots!  I just LOVE them and I hope you do, too.  Remember, find a an old craft and make it new, add lots of color and always 
 I cannot wait to fill these with succulents!

Taking in the sun
Learn my process here
Unicorn SPiT
Minwax Clear Lacquer
Masking tape
Serape Inspiration 
Krylon spray paint in white
An old record player
*You could also use a kid's pottery wheel
Terracotta pots
1.  Spray paint the pot white
2.  Carefully center it on the turntable and tape it in place with loops of masking tape
3.  Choose your Unicorn SPiT colors
4. Starting at the bottom, paint a 2" stripe
5.  Next paint a strip above it and painting downward, blend the colors together
6.  Repeat the process until you're at the top of the pot
7.  Add thin stripes of black and white in between the strips and blend
8.  Seal with several coats of Minwax Clear Lacquer
9.  Done!


  1. Gorgeous... I wrote a big long thing and it's gone but I love this... so much heritage and culture! Love

  2. Love these, and your tank top summer dress..fun inspirations, gotta go craft now hugs

  3. Beautiful. I can't wait to try.

  4. Beautiful and nice. I like it