Friday, July 21, 2017

Pet Portrait Dishes DIY

So you have tons of photos of your fur babies and don't know what to do with them?  Why not turn them into artsy, food safe dishes for your next dinner party!  I asked my FB friends to send images of their pets for this project and got over 1,500 to choose from.  Honestly, they were all so cute I just ended up randomly picking 4 for this project.  I seriously could not decide!  So hear you go....Fur Baby Dishes to brighten up your home.  Remember to turn every day objects (like plates) into art, use your fur baby photos for DIY projects and always Make Your Mark!
King Louis on the bottom, Wilma on the right

Fred on the right!
 Just a few of the gorgeous fur babies sent in!
Watch how to make them here!
Americana Gloss Enamels
Pet photos
Americana Gloss Decoupage
Rubbing Alcohol 
Spray bottle
Glass plates
1.  Turn your image into a work of art at Turbo.Deepart
2.  Print them out and cut around the edges
3. Slit around the sides so that it lays flat when you decoupage it to the back of the plate
4.  Mist the back of the image with water and spread Americana Decoupage on the face of the image
5.  Carefully decoupage the image to the back side of the plate so that you can see the image from the front of the plate
6. Paint the edges using Americana Gloss Enamels with some artsy strokes and let dry
7.  Fill in the rest of the plate with another color of Gloss Enamels
8.  Follow the instructions for curing and baking
9.  Start decorating for your next dinner party!