Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lisa Frank Pottery

Like many of you, I have a closet full of glass vases from flower arrangements, parties and centerpieces from weddings.  I save everything in hopes to use it in a project one day.  Yes, I know that's what a hoarder says and I completely own it!  A while ago I made a very serious version of this project (see below) but thought it just wasn't colorful enough for all of you.......so I tried it again using vibrant, luscious colors.  My assistant, Julie, said they reminded her of Lisa Frank so that's what we ended up calling them.  Remember to use your stash, get inspired by color and always 
Make Your Mark!
My colorful, Lisa Frank inspired (faux) pottery!
I want an entire wall filled with these! 
My first attempt from several years ago using much more serious colors.  
Still, I think they're quite handsome!
Watch how easy they are to make here
Krylon Spray Paint
Glass vases
Kid's pottery wheel
Masking tape
1.  Cut a large cardboard circle and tape it to the top of the pottery wheel
*This keeps it from getting mucked up with paint
2.  Center and tape a glass vase on to the cardboard
3.  Turn on the pottery wheel and spray a base coat of paint on the vase
4.  Heavily spray a second color so that it starts to drip
5. & 6.  Continue until you've reached your desired effect
7. & 8.  Try this technique on different vase shapes
9. Done!

In love!

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