Friday, December 1, 2017

Vintage Bird Ornaments

Grab some cardboard and some old book pages and make these super cute vintage bird ornaments! Copy a book page if you don't have a damaged book you can use.  Most of what you need to make these ornaments you probably already have, too!  Use curling ribbon or string if you don't have satin ribbon or use scrapbook paper over the cardboard bases if you don't have a stencil. So many variations and Christmas is right around the corner.  I'll bet your friends would love a couple, too.  Happy holidays and always Make Your Mark!

Watch how to make them here!
Small jingle bells
Americana Acrylics
M Squared Stencils
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Glitter
Cosmetic sponges (for stenciling)
Book pages
1.  - 3.  Trace, cute and glue together 3 cardboard birds
4.  Cut book pages 1" larger than the bird pattern (all the way around) 
5. - 7.  Mist with water and decoupage to each side of the bird making sure to cut slits so that the edges fold over to the other side
8. - 9.  Stencil and embellish with paint and glitter
10.  Bend a loop on a 5" piece of wire
11.  Push it through the center of the bird and bend a loop on the other side
12.  Hand a bell on the bottom with a jump ring and tie a ribbon on the top to hang
Bird pattern
Cut 3 in cardboard
Merry Christmas!


  1. you said that you would have a pattern of the bird on blog ugh none

    1. Hi Rock A Billy, Not sure what you mean, the pattern is below the instructions. Was it not showing up?

  2. Thank you for pattern and directions, Mark! The birds are adorable!!! You are so clever!!!! ♥

  3. Love it. Have everything. No bells so I need to go to the store.
    Will make one for each of my great grandchildren, grandchildren so they have a memory of me.

  4. Thanks so much - I will make these to raise funds for Church.

  5. I am an artist/painter. I'd like to make something personal for friends and family for X'mas, birthdays, or whatever occasion. I tried crafting a bit eons ago but failed dismally ;(. You make it seem so easy!!! And I love your quirky projects. Thank you for sharing. (Suzie Maier)