Friday, April 13, 2018

Art Journaling

Last week I got to teach an Art Journaling class at Craftcation in Ventura!  What an absolute blast I had, too.  The first thing I emphasized when I began the class is that there are no rules in art journaling.  None at all!  I mean it, too.  What I'm sharing here today are the techniques I use to create my pages.  Of course I use DecoArt paint because I love it and the colors are just amazing, as you can see.  So with that, cut a fancy magazine in half or grab an empty notebook and start creating your art journal.  I guarantee you'll be more healthy for it!  Remember to use every color in the box and always Make Your Mark! 
 A few of my pages
 Stenciling, clip art, rubber stamps...Oh my!

Watch how I art journal here!
Book pages, masking tape, plastic cups & clip art
1. Bray orange and hot pink on your Gel Press
2.  Press an art journal page on the Gel Press to transfer the color
3.  Bray green and teal on the Gel Press
4. & 5. Create circles with the mouth of the plastic cup and transfer to a book page
6.  Apply strips of masking tape to the plastic Gel Press protector
7. & 8.  Load the Gel Press with hot pink and yellow, create squiggles with a comb and press on the masking tape to create washi tape
9.  Press more yellow and teal on another book page
10.  Stamp the journal pages with Art Foamies using white and black paint
11.  & 12.  Rip and adhere the printed book pages to the journal pages
13.  Cut and adhere clip art to the journal pages
14.  Dilute paint colors to add a color wash to the clip art
15.  Add some of your printed washi tape
16.  Stencil some large flowers using the white gesso
17.  Color wash them with diluted paint
18. Stamp the pages again with the Art Foamies
Don't like a page?  Keep adding to it until you do! 

Happy journaling!

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