Friday, April 20, 2018

Mini Crate Organizer

When you run out of desk and table space, it's time to start filling up the walls!  I have an abundance of pens, markers, brushes and pencils and I was sick of them cluttering up my work table.  I made this sweet, little wall organizer to save me some serious work table real estate.  I have my tools loose in each mini-create, but you could use pencil cups for easy removal AND to keep them even more organized.  Big thanks to Walnut Hollow for providing the pallets and mini crates for this project! Remember to stay organized and always Make Your Mark!
I'm going to need about 3 more of these!

 Grab and GO!
Watch how to make it here!
Rustic Pallets from Walnut Hollow
Mini Crates from Walnut Hollow
2' x 3' 1/4" thick plywood
DecoArt Vintage Effects Wash in Orange, Patina & Turquoise
Masking Tape
DecoArt Stencil
Tacklife Jigsaw and Sander
Optional:  Drill
1.  After measuring the size I needed for 2 mini Rustic Pallets, I cut a pattern for my plywood back
*Everything is glued on this back so make sure you measure your pieces first
2.  & 3.  Trace the pattern and cut with a jigsaw
4.  Sand the edges smooth
5.  Drill a hole in the center top so you can hang it from a nail or screw
6. 7. & 8. Paint the plywood in Turquoise, the pallets in Orange and the mini crates in Patina making sure to wipe them as you paint to expose the wood grain
9.  Stencil along the top, sides and bottom of the plywood base
10.  Sand along the edges of the plywood back and pallets to give a weathered, aged look
11.  Using Amazing Goop II Max glue, adhere your pallets to the plywood back
12.  Measure the spacing between the crates and glue them in place with more Amazing Goop II Max
Let dry overnight and you're done!

See you next time!


  1. Your wording on the video cracks me up! Hahaha

    I wanna make this for my hundreds of pens.