Friday, April 27, 2018

Antique Mirror DIY

Why just have a plain full length mirror when you can have one that looks like an antique?  A little wood trim and some air-dry clay and you can have your very own hall of mirrors!  I grabbed my trim at Home Depot...They have tons to choose from and it's not very expensive at all.  Make 3 of these and you have an entire wall that doubles the size of your room.  Remember to reinvent your every day items and always Make Your Mark!
It's all in the details!

Seeing double
Wood trim
Full length mirror
Putty knife
1. & 2. Measure 2 pieces of wood trim for the inside length of the mirror and cut to size
3. & 4.   Measure the 1/2" thick wood boards to fit inside the top (between the trim), measure and cut
5.  Measure decorative wood trim to flank the sides of the 1/2" wood board
6.  Dust a silicone mold with cornstarch
7. & 8.  Fill the mold with an air hardening clay and wriggle out of the mold to dry
9.  Glue the wood pieces directly on top of the full length mirror
10.  Glue the dried clay pieces on the wood
11.  Paint the entire mirror with the chalky finish
12.  Dry brush all of the details with metallic gold

It's a mirror-acle!

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