Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dip Dyed Mophead Tassels

Hit the dollar store for some cotton mops and make these lovely boho, dip dyed tassels to hang everywhere this spring!  Drape them around the patio with some twinkling lights or hang them from every doorknob in the house!  These tassels are like colorful jewelry for your home and we all know that accessories can make all the difference.  Remember that small things can make a big difference.... and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
I can't wait to start hanging these!

Super soft and comfy
Wood Beads
Cotton Mops
Cotton ribbon
Minwax Clear Lacquer
1. & 2.  Take the mops apart and separate the "ropes" into bundles of 5-7
3.  Cut the bundles in half
4.  Thread about 12" of cotton ribbon through a wooden bead and knot the loop so it doesn't slip
back through the bead
5.  Tightly tie the tails of the cotton ribbon around the center of the bundle of mop rope
and trim evenly along the base of the tassel
6.  Dip the tassel in some water and ring out the excess
7.  Mix Unicorn SPiT and water to make a dye solution and stand the tassel inside the cup for about 20 minutes
8.  Ring out the tassel after it's been soaking for a while and let dry
9.  OPTIONAL:  Spray the base of the tassels with Minwax Clear Lacquer if they are going to be exposed to rain or moisture outdoors

Boho Beautiful!

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