Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Make Your Own Mouse Pads

Not sure exactly why this happens, but my mouse pads get dirty!  I mean a grimy, yucky kind of dirty!  Because of that I switch them out regularly, which used to be quite expensive UNTIL I figured out how to make them.  Turns out the rubber mats they sell at the 99c store are perfect for this project.  Check out the kitchen department to see if they sell something smooth enough for this project.  If you're stumped for a gift, you might consider making one of these pads with a photo of you and your best friend!  Stay crafty and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 I'm all about this pad!
Color me wonderful!
Watch how to make them here!
White or very light colored cotton
Home Printer
Copy paper
Iron and ironing board
Colorful images (Google away!)

1.  Press your cotton fabric very flat
2.  Spray a sheet of copy paper with the spray adhesive
3.  Press the sprayed copy paper on the fabric and smooth it out so it's perfectly flat
4.  Cut around the copy paper
5.  Size your image so it fits the size of the copy paper
6.  With the fabric facing upward, print out the image on the fabric
7.  Peel the fabric away from the paper
8. Seal the printed fabric with the Minwax Lacquer
9.  Cut out the shape of your mouse pad from the rubber mat
10.  Spread E-6000 Fabri-Fuse on the rubber
11.  Press the fabric flat and let it dry
*Place a book or stack of magazines on top
12. Trim the edges when dry and you're ready to browse the web!


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