Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Squishies DIY

Every once in a while I just want to make something cute!  Something my nieces will immediately want me to send to them.  These squishies were just the ticket!  Sweet little characters just waiting for a squeeze.  Perfect if you have a load of nervous energy like I do, too!  Create your own characters or make a squishy of your pet.  There is an endless amount of things you can do with this technique.  Just remember to have fun and always Make Your Mark!
Hanging out, waiting for a squeeze!
The lips have it!
All dressed up!

Watch how to make them here!
Fairfield World Squishy Foam
Pinking Shears
Home Printer
Sewing Machine
Spray Adhesive
White Cotton Fabric
Various printed fabrics
Craft Knife
Images To Print

Drag these images to your computer!
1.  Iron the fabric perfectly smooth
2.  Spray a sheet of copy paper and adhere it to the ironed fabric
3.  Carefully cut around the fabric so it's the same size as the copy paper
4.  Size and print your images on the fabric covered side of the copy paper
5.  Peel it off and pin it to a colorful cotton fabric
*This is the back of the squishy
6.  Zigzag stitch around the squishy leaving a 4" hole at the bottom
7. Cut around the squishy with the pinking shears about 1/4" away from the zigzag stitch and about 3/4" away from the opening 
8.  Using a craft knife, cut the squishy foam in half lengthwise so it's about 2" thick
9.  Trace the shape of the squishy on the foam and cut it out
10.  Stuff the Squishy Foam into the 4" hole
11. & 12.   Zigzag the hole closed and trim down the opening area to 1/4"
 Happy! Happy! Happy!
Ex-squeeze me?!

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