Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Glowing Mermaid Lanterns DIY

Just like Ariel, I have gizmos and gadgets aplenty.  I'm talking beads, glass chips, rhinestones, seashells, pearls and sea glass in piles in drawers just waiting for a project.  These mermaid lanterns were the perfect project to make use of that stash of crafty treasure AND to give me a tiny taste of summer which is just a few months away!  Print out some mermaid images and grab a few 99c store frames and you're ready to get started.  I used a twinkly, battery operated tea light in the back to give it that magical, watery glow and they look absolutely beautiful when the sun goes down.  Create your own magical environment and don't forget to
Make Your Mark!
A trio of mermaid lanterns to light up the night
 They look just as pretty during the day

Watch how to make them here!
E6000 PLUS (no odor)
Americana Decoupage
Mermaid Images
Glass Candle Holders
Beads, Seashells, Pearls, Glass Chips, Tiny Glass Cabochons
Craft Twinkles in Crystal & Americana Acrylics in Sea Breeze
Fish Scale Stencil
1.  Remove the glass and stencil the frame with Americana Acrylics in Sea Breeze
2.  Add a layer of Craft Twinkles over the stenciled frame
3.  Decoupage a mermaid image on the back of the glass
4.  Glue the glass inside the frame with E6000 PLUS
5. - 6.  Glue seashells, pearls, rhinestones, glass cabochons & glass chips on the front
of the frame around the mermaid image
7.  Add a layer of Craft Twinkles in Crystal over the seashells
8.  Glue a small glass candle holder to the back of the frame
9.  Add a battery operated tea light inside the candle holder
Look at this stuff!  Isn't it neat?
I can't wait for summer!

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