Thursday, August 25, 2011


Contest:  Since I'm off to the Post Office to ship Etsy merch, I'm going to ship a book for a lucky winner.  I'll have this contest until noon today.....That's 4 hours PST!  So, you have 4 hours to accomplish the following:
1.  Share this on your FB page by pressing SHARE.
2.  Join my blog if you haven't:
3. Like my Etsy page and comment here on the blog as to what piece you like the best:
4. LIKE EcoGreenCrafts on FB:
THAT'S IT......GOOD LUCK!  P.S.  I'll toss in tons of cool rubber stamps, too.  Courtesy of Fiskars!


  1. EEE love your books!
    Would love the chance to win another!
    Posted on FB and Twitter about your awesome giveaway.

    I love the bedazzled lamp!!

  2. Love the bedazzled lamp!

    Just joined today for a chance to win your awesome book!
    I already like you on Etsy and twitter but I gave you a shout out on Twitter, FaceBook and FB Fan page for more people to enter.

    Great Blog!!

  3. I am such a huge fan of yours!! Your Big Ass Book of Crafts is my go to book for inspiration. No joking.

    And I just shared on my facebook!

  4. And OF COURSE I've been following your blog!

  5. I added your easy shop to my fav (I am deerinabottle!) and I'm totally in love with your owl cuff. I used to be spooked by owls but now they are so adorable :)

  6. Finally I liked EcoGreenCrafts and facebook! Hooray!

  7. My favorite piece in your etsy shop is the Golden Owl Cameo Cuff! :)

  8. Love your stuff! shared on FB, twitter, liked you on Etsy. have been following you on RSS - i love the Frida Kahlo cuff!


  9. I LOVE that owl cuff!! Donna Woods

  10. Great blog and cool. Following your blog now - looking forward to checking back in.

  11. Share contest on my fb page, already was a blog follower, liked EcoGreenCrafts on fb, like you on your Etsy page and my favorites are the 1970's Flower Cameo Double Chain Super Charmer and the Golden Owl Cameo Cuff. Sorry, couldn’t decide between them! You are too much fun!!!!!!!!!!