Monday, August 8, 2011

INSPIRATION! Dark Brown Walls......Blue Accents.

Dark brown walls mixed with vibrant blue.  Wonderful!
 I have a very tiny living room off of my main living room and I'm seriously considering painting it dark brown.  I'm pretty sure the cozy factor will be kicked up a notch if I do.
Did you know you can buy these Cobalt Chinese Foo Dogs on Amazon!  
And how about that beautiful antique mirror?  I'm pretty sure you can find that almost anywhere.
For some reason, I think this mirror I made for THE BIG ASS BOOK OF HOME DECOR, may actually work in my new dark brown living room.  
What do you think?


  1. Fantastic Mark. I am all about color accents. I love color in fact. Currently I am reorganizing my Craft Cave (aka my half of the downstairs family room) and am making sure there is lots of color inspiration right under my nose.

    So glad to be a follower of your blog....

    Sue B

  2. yep, I think it's pretty fabulous!

  3. Colbalt blue Foo Dogs! I love them! Thanks for letting us know they're available on Amazon. I forget where I saw them before, and fell is love with them.

  4. Also, I majorly love that freaktastically cool mirror!