Monday, August 1, 2011

PHOTO OF THE DAY.........House Beautiful

This dresser is TERRIFIC!
 If you haven't seen the new issue of House Beautiful magazine, it's worth picking up.  This dresser is sure to inspire someone out there to get some painter's tape and spray paint and go to town!
I love how fresh the color green looks.
This graphic quality of this dresser made me think of my Blue Plate Special pillow which was a project from The Big Ass Book of Home Decor.  This pillow is made with canvas, contact paper and Krylon Fusion spray paint. 
Take an 8" diameter plate and lightly trace IN PENCIL interlocking circles in a grid on a 20"x20" square of creme or white fabric as shown.  IMPORTANT! In order for you to see the design I used a Sharpie, but use a pencil and lightly trace your design.
Cut out (in contact paper) the shapes you want to remain white.  
 Peel and stick them to your fabric 
Spray paint your fabric and when dry, remove the contact paper.
Stitch your pillow and stuff!
For this project and 100 more, check out THE BIG ASS BOOK OF HOME DECOR


  1. Love these pillows! Stopping by from Brassy Apple

  2. Found this via pinterest...
    I totally wish I knew about this method when I made my Intersecting Circles wall art ( I may give it a go again with this method... Very clever!