Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DO YOU MIND IF I BIND? Book Binding Made Easy!


 There are tons of ways to bind books and this is just one.  It's fun, easy and you can use any image.  It's also a great way to make your own journals, notebooks and scratch-pads.  I use all of my scrap paper to fill them but for special friends I use good paper and create special images for the covers.  Oh, I have another secret, I use the cardboard from the flat rate boxes from the post office because it's thin and hard and easy to cut.  So, that said, this can be a totally recycled project if you want it to be.  Paper is a luxury item these days since we don't really need it like we used to.  I say journal, leave handwritten notes and write letters!  Now go bind some journals and impress your friends with how super cool you are.
Decorative paper for the inside and outside of your cover
Filler paper  (construction, scrap, copy paper, whatever!)
Krylon Spray Adhesive
Craft knife
Ribbon (if you want)
Rubber Cement or Elmer’s Glue All
Step 1:  Cut the front and back cover of your book,  your spine which is 1/2" wide and the length of the book and a sheet of decorative paper that is at lease 2" wider and longer than those pieces laid out together side by side.
Bound book step 2
Step 2:  Using spray mount, adhere your pieces down side by side (on the back side of your decorative paper) with the spine in the middle and a 1/8" space between the spine and the front and back cover then with your craft knife cut off all of the corners.
Bound Book step 3
Step 3:  Lightly coat the edges with Elmer's Glue All and fold over the edges.
Bound Book step 4
Step 4:  Cut your liner papers 1/4" smaller than the size of the covers and using spray adhesive and carefully apply them to insides of your book covers.
Bound book step 5
Step 5:  Cut your filler paper the size of your liners.  I have a paper cutter and use that to make my own block of paper, but, it’s uneven.  Personally, I like the HOME MADE feel of it.  However, if you want something perfect, head over to Staples and have them cut paper the size that you want.
Bound book step 6
Step 6:  Add glue (either rubber cement or Elmer's) to the spine (on the inside) and put your block of paper in side so that the ends are touching the glue.
  Bound book step 7
Step 7:  Stand it on it’s spine with book ends on both sides and let dry overnight.  In the morning, you will have a bound book.  Congratulations!


  1. Wow this is a super cool idea!!! I think I may just have to try this today and make a sketch book or something!!!! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!

  2. I love it Mark!! Now this is a technique that I think I can get into. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

    Hugs XX

  3. Definitely going to try this! :) Thanks for the great idea and tutorial!

  4. I have tried to bind many homemade books and have never had good luck... this sounds just simple enough, I think it would work! Thanks for sharing. Your newest follower! Come visit me too I would love to have a real celebrity at my site!! hehehe... no seriously!

  5. After trying numerous techniques to bind my journals I found this tutorial. I switched up just a coupe of things for mine and loved it. Thanks so much for posting this! Gave you a shout out on my blog for it too!!! Check it out if you have a sec. Thanks for the constant inspiration.