Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WOW-Butterfly Chandelier

Imagine your little girl looking up at night right before bed and seeing sparkling butterflies hovering above her head.  This chandelier is perfect for any little girl who loves sparkles, flowers and butterflies.  I’m pretty sure that includes them all.  In fact, you don’t even need to install a light.

Tomato cage with 3-5 rings from a garden store
Sandpaper or sanding block
Krylon Silver Crafter's Metallic spray paint
50 feet of cheap plastic pearls (Got mine at the 99c store!)
12 Feather butterflies
12 Faux flowers
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
E-6000 glue
Wire cutters or heavy duty pliers that can snip wire

1. Clip the larger rings off of the tomato cage with your wire cutters leaving 2 rings connected by extending wires.
2. Sand the wires to remove any dirt, rust or oil.
3. Curl the wires sticking out from the smallest ring of the cage like you see in the picture.
4. Bend the wires sticking out from the large ring toward the center so they meet.
5. Glue the wires together at where they meet with a big gob of E-6000 glue.
6. Hot glue your strings of pearls all around each wire of the now bent cage.
7. Once these strands are attached, take your E-6000 and carefully dab the glue all along the pearls so they are permanently attached.
8. Cut 6 strands of pearls in 12” lengths and attach each end of the top ring so that you have two drapes in between each wire.
DON’T WORRY! This is the fun part.  Just start draping any way you want to and you’ll see how beautiful it will be.

9. After you’ve attached about 6 drapes, dab on more E-6000 with a toothpick being very neat, but making sure to attach the pearl to the wire with the glue.  
WARNING! Hot glue and metal don’t work well together, so you are just using this to tack the pearls in place while the other glue dries.)
10. Once all of the pearls are in place, spray paint your chandelier with Krylon Crafter's Metallic.
11. When it dries, attach your butterflies and flowers evenly all the way around first with hot glue and then with the E-6000.  I only used 12 butterflies and 12 flowers, but go crazy if you want to and use a ton.
12. OPTIONAL:  Wrap your 6’ Snap-in Socket and Cord set around the top where the wires meet and hang from a hook in your ceiling.  Sweet dreams.
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  1. That is a really clever use for a tomato cage. Something like this would look gorgeous on our 4 season porch if we ever turn it into a breakfast nook.

    Bella @ Bella Before and After sent me!