Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to school Decoden Pencil Case

Have you been seeing Decoden everywhere?  I have to be honest, I didn't even know about it until the Crafty Chica told me about it and then I saw it EVERYWHERE!  Basically it's using caulking or silicone to "frost" your phone case and then you decorate it with tons of cute tiny stuff.  Not sure if you know this but my niece Ivy is 1/2 Japanese and when she got back from her month stay in Japan this summer she was officially obsessed with Decoden.  Her cousins were all about it and she got hooked.  Who wouldn't?  She insists we decoden every time she visits and seriously, if she could decoden her brother, she would.  
Before the mess making!
Here's what you'll need.  We used earrings, magnetic letters, hair ties, glitter and beads for our decorations.
Here's the HOW-TO video!
This was my practice piece before she came over.
I mixed food coloring in my caulking to give it a pink, frosting look.  
It truly looked good enough to eat.
 Using a cake decorator, squirt it on and then spread it around like you're decorating a cake.
 Add your goodies.
Let everything dry over night.
Ivy with her pencil case (and wanting to make another one immediately)
Make sure to grab a Mark Montano book for tons more ideas!


  1. THe pencil case is too cute, but the look that your little niece is giving you is to die for. <3 lol, I think you are both lucky to have the other in your life!

  2. These are awesome!!! What a great idea and fun project!

  3. SO cute!!! I need a blinged out pencil case for my desk!!