Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GLITTER BLAST TUESDAY.....Just think of all you can make!

I LOVE my fans!  (Just wanted you to know that)  I've got some great new updates about our bi-monthly contest for Krylon GLITTER BLAST! Our contest used to be JUST Glitter Blast spray paint! But now KRYLON has graciously decided to add a few special pieces to make this the ULTIMATE CRAFT KIT ever! So enjoy Glitter Blast Tuesday!  Here's what you get, and how you can enter (and win):
 All of the colors of Glitter Blast!
 Several colors of Stained Glass Paint!
The amazing Chalkboard paint!
Kadi DeJardin's package from last week.  She photographed it and sent it to us!

The Big Ass Book of Crafts Vol. 2


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Keep an eye out for the winner.  I’ll post it here and on my FB page. It helps if you can leave a way for me to contact you, too! It’s not a rule this week, but subscribe to my blog if you haven’t.  I’d love to have you here!


  1. I've shared,liked,commented,and subscribed.

  2. Mark...have you ever thought to use RaffleCopter as a giveaway tool? Trust me it's SO easy for multiple-entry giveaways like this one....

  3. I have shared this page on Facebook, I have liked and commented on the Krylon Facebook page, I have subscribed to and commented on your youtube page, I am a subscriber to your blog, and I liked your book on Amazon!
    Thanks for the great give away, I love Krylon products!

  4. OMG! How awesome is Krylon for this? I've liked/shared/commented/subscribed/etc. and my favorite spray paint project is on recycled eyeglass lenses, turning them into jewelry (My "Specs Appeal" line)

  5. I like the Krylon FB page. Are we supposed to leave a comment for each thing or just one?

  6. I liked the Big Ass Book of Crafts on Amazon

  7. I want to make a chalkboard for my kitchen and that I can also use for parties. Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  8. Done all the above, also preordered your book, and liked, shared your link to the newsletter for my friens! I wanna win this, my 3 baby girls and their Mom would have an awesome DIY time! Thanks so much for such a sweet giveaway chance!

  9. All done, all shared and commented :) PS: I'd love a set like this to help jazz up my new apartment!

  10. I shared on my FB Page. http://www.facebook.com/TheEpicureanCrafter/posts/496012283762032

  11. I like Krylon on FB and left them some love.

  12. I subscribe to your channel and left you a note.

  13. i've done everything on the list! i have some old frames that i have been wanting spray paint, to liven them up a bit!

  14. Shared on FB, Liked and told Krylon you sent me, and shared their ad too, follower of YouTube and commented after the Decodan project and follower of your blog,...of course.
    Fav project lately:
    spraying already diecut shapes to make them brighter and shinier than regular paper would've. Did gold monograms for notebooks, etc. Also, the normal respraying of silver screws and lawn furniture to make them the colors I preferred.

  15. Shared on my facebook page.
    Went to Krylon
    Went to youtube and (finally can comment) on the awesome decoden pencil project, with you and Ivy.
    Liked your book
    Been subscribed here for quite a while
    want to spray paint my plastic cupboard

  16. Done all the things I need to do.... have been a subscribr for a while now. I'm a stalker of your blog and visit everyday!!!

  17. Love your blog and have been a stalker for a while now. Done all I need to do..... love the new Looking Glass paint!!!

  18. I have completed the rules! Love the military jacket on youtube. I am in LOVE with your books Big Ass Book of Crafts I and Home Decor!! Crafting genius. My most recen spray paint project was with the Looking Glass paint....turned some thrift store glass frames into an antiqued mirror collage! Also, I have used some fiery orange paint to transform and old white cabinet into a super cute piece with a little sanding and a multicolored knob. I would love to add these glitter paints to my collection!!

    contact me on facebook, Candace Wilson Mahoney

  19. I finished the rules! I commented on the military jacket on youtube. I am in LOVE with your books The Big Ass Book of Crafts I and Home Decor. Crafting genius. My most recent spray paint project was with the Looking Glass paint....transformed some thrift store glass frames into an antiqued mirror collage for my bedroom. Also, I have used a fiery orange paint to upgrade a hand-me-down cabinet into a super fun piece after some paint, sanding, and a multicolored knob!

    contact me via facebook...Candace Wilson Mahoney