Thursday, August 23, 2012

Totally tubular.......

These tubular sensations are sure to inspire!  Between the fabric tubes I have around my craft room and all of the paper towel tubes I have from my kitchen, it might just be time to start crafting up a storm with them.  What are your favorite tubular crafts?  I'd love to know!
DIY Brass Sculpture by Fabric Paper Glue.....This rocks!
These tubes make terrific storage for a wino like myself but you could store tons of different things in them!
Anastasia Elias works with small cardboard tubes to create beautiful art.  Her site is a MUST!
How about these amazing cardboard tube chairs made in 2002!  Recycled with a style that would compliment any modern home. I think this is a terrific project to try.  Maybe with fabric tubes?
Peter Gorse made this incredible tube chair.
Tom Price Meltdown Chair
This is made with pieces of PVC tubing and is part of a series.

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