Monday, August 20, 2012

Stamp it baby!

 Some of my favorite stamping projects from around the world and web.  All of the links are included so bop around the web and stamp it up creative people!  Traci Bautista is one of my favorite artists and she's a MUST see.  Make sure to check her out.
Celery stamp note cards.
Printing with celery.....clever!
Using a styrofoam take-out cool!
Cork Stamp and styrofoam......cute!
Traci Bautista's work....simply stunning! 
Tracy Bautista made stencils with hot glue......This woman is BRILLIANT and you must visit her page! 

Stamping with caulking! 
Great site for all kinds of stamping ideas.......awesome!


  1. Hand carved stamps are one of my favorite things to relaxing. These are wonderful examples!! Thanks for sharing Mark. HUGS!