Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Forking" over ideas today and "spoon" you'll be inspired!

Simple silverware takes on a whole new role these days as just another ingredient in our DIY kitchens! Take a look at these ideas from around the world and web! had this cute idea for customizing disposable silverware.  This is a great idea for a party!
Loveology featured this fantastic set of curtains!  How about that for eating in the living room?
Why not print some out on old book pages and then frame them up? 
Pretty easy project to do! 
This framed red silverware is easy to make and really charming! 
Or cut them out of plywood like this..........GREAT IDEA!
JJEvensonArt makes these terrific coat racks (or key holders)
Here's a set from the Graphics Fairy that you can print out yourself! sells this clock, but I'll be you can make it by taking apart a 99c store wall clock and giving the face a makeover? that a crafty challenge I smell cooking?

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