Friday, August 17, 2012

Wiffle Ball DNA Lamp - GEEK CRAFT!

“Piffle” means nonsense, and wiffle balls are anything but. In fact, I happen to think that the wiffle ball will make its way into every crafty person’s arsenal very soon. They are just too cool to overlook, and their uses are many. For instance, I very much enjoy tossing them at my assistant to get his attention. 
This lamp is perfect for a kid's room or for the scientist in your family.
Give it a go!

1 cord and socket set
12 large wiffle balls
12 small wiffle balls
Small piece of heavy-duty sandpaper or sanding block
1 small ECO-FRIENDLY light bulb (these do not give off heat)
3 yards white nylon heavy-duty string, plus extra for hanging your lamp
Small wall hook, for hanging your finished lamp

Measure the circumference of your socket in your cord and socket set.

Draw a hole the size of your socket on one of your large wiffle balls, and cut itout with your Dremmel.
Sand off the rough edges with the sandpaper or sanding block.
Attach your bulb to the socket and insert it into the wiffle ball, making sure that it fits in the ball properly.
String the remaining wiffle balls on the nylon string as if you were making a big wiffle ball necklace.

Add the wiffle ball that is connected to the cord and socket by stringing the cord through the wiffle jumble and wrapping the cord around the string so it stays in place.
Hang the lamp, plug it in, and enjoy the wiffley glow.
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  1. We LOVE lamps at this house...not sure why? IF we had a bigger house we would collect them. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Thanks for sharing this project Mark. :)

  2. Oh my I love this! I see another Glitter Blast idea screaming at me now! TFS Mark!
    Jessica S