Friday, December 18, 2015

DIY Star Wars Gifts!

I cannot wait for the new Star Wars movie......Yup, I'm that guy.  To celebrate, I had to make something special for the occasion.  In fact, since I finished the Wookiee slippers, I haven't taken them off.  They're actually REALLY warm!  I tried rocking the Princess Leia ear muffs, but let's just say they weren't "me".  All of these are surprisingly easy to make and, yes, even pull off! These are the perfect last minute DIY gifts for all of those Star Wars fans!  Especially now that everyone has Star Wars on the brain.
Make stuff!  Have fun!  Mark Your Mark!
xoxo, Mark
What guy wouldn't want Wookiee gloves?
See how easy they are to make here!
Here's Julie rocking her Princess Leia ear muffs....Priceless!
I seriously haven't taken these off this winter!
Stuff You'll Need
2 kinds of faux fur (one long hair, one short)
Brown knit gloves
Brown slippers
E-6000 Glue
Black yarn
Black felt
Large black headband
 Cut thirty 60" long strands of black yarn
Separate them into three groups of 10
Tie a knot and braid them together
Cut four 4"-5" diameter circles in felt
Starting in the center of the felt, glue the braid in a spiral creating a cinnamon bun
*Glue the end on the underside of the felt
Glue the bun to the side of the headband
Glue another circle of felt on the underside to give it a nice finish

For the Wookiee gloves
Place your gloves on the back of the short fur and trace around with a marker
Carefully cut out the hand shape
Glue to the tops of the gloves with E-6000
Cut smaller pieces of the long fur for the wrist area and fingertips
For the Wookiee slippers
Trace the top part of the slipper on the back of the fur
*Do this with both slippers
Glue the fur to the top of the slipper
Add small bits of longer fur to give some variation
I think Julie won!

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  1. You lost me at "Braid". I can't braid at all. :( I can get my wife to teach me (I have to learn soon, so I can do hair braids!)

    But, I really want to make some Leia buns for my daughter. :) She'd rock those things!