Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let's Make Art!

I've always loved Vera prints and patterns......Always!  So many artists are inspired by this amazing woman who dominated style in the late 50s, 60s and 70s.  Recently I found an amazing Vera scarf with the most beautiful flowers (see below) and I decided it would make a fun "Let's Make Art" video.  I love this classic 70s color combo, too!  I'm also pretty sure my parents had bedsheets in this pattern.  Remember.....Have fun. Make art. Make messes!
xoxo, Mark
I love color!

Try a smaller version and then go BIG
Follow along here to see how easy it is
Vera inspiration!
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in black
Americana Acrylics in Tangerine, Foliage Green, Carousel Pink and Snow White
My inspiration!  A 1970s Vera scarf

1.  Paint the entire canvas green
2.  Using the template below, pencil in the flowers and fill in the shapes with white
3.  Paint over the white with the tangerine on the sunflowers
4.  Paint the centers of each flower in light pink (mix white with carousel)
5.  Using the brush sideways, paint petals around the round flowers
6.  Use a light pink for the outside and go darker as you add rows toward the center
7.  Fill in the smaller flowers with different shades of pink
8.  Use the black Allure to create scallops in a circle for the center of the larger Tangerine flowers
9.  Outline the leaves and add veins in each petal
10.  Using a smaller scallop, create the centers of the round pink flowers
11.  Outline the petals starting in the middle
12. Outline the smaller blooms and add a dot in the center of each
Print out and use as a guide for the painting