Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Boho Ribbon DIY!

In my never ending quest to use my leftover fabric pieces, I decided to try my hand at making some funky ribbons......I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with these, but I'm sure in no time they will be on everything from pillows to table runners.  The best part (about making these) is that you don't need a sewing machine.  Just grab some E-6000 Stitchless and an iron and you're in business.  If you do have a sewing machine and want to use it for this project, a zigzag stitch with a colorful thread will add some extra pizzazz.  I know I say this often, but I truly love this project.  Hope you do, too.  Remember, save your scraps, mix patterns and always Make Your Mark!
Rolled and ready!
These are all made using E-6000 Stitchless

See how easy it is to make here!
Stuff You'll Need
E-6000 Stitchless (Iron on glue)
Printed cotton fabrics
Pinking shears (or decorative edge scissors)
Here's how
1.  Draw 1 1/2" lines across the fabric
2. & 3.  Cut the strips, along the lines, with the pinking shears
4.  Draw 1" lines across a contrasting/matching fabric
5.  Cut the 1" strips with pinking shears
6. & 7.  Add a thin line of E-6000 Stitchless to the end of a 1 1/2" strip and iron it to another strip
*Continue doing this to create a long piece of 1 1/2" wide ribbon
8. & 9.  Add thin lines of Stitchless to the edges of the 1" strips and press them to center of the the 
1 1/2" wide strips
Boho beautiful! 

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