Friday, August 5, 2016

Easy Carved Wood Printing Blocks

I'm a big fan of the traditional wood printing blocks from India.  Not only are they wonderful pieces of decor, they're really fun to use, too.  Because I can't throw anything away I decided to experiment with my wood scraps and see if I could carve some of my own wood printing blocks using my adult coloring books as pattern inspiration.  The first couple were a mess until I realized that my handy Dremel would be the perfect tool for this project!  As soon as I heard that little engine buzzing I couldn't stop making them.  I have a feeling you might get hooked, too.  Remember, have fun, use your scraps and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
A few of my favorites
 I can't wait to make more

Watch the video here
Jigsaw and Dremel
Wood blocks
 1.  Using adult coloring book pages for inspiration, draw your design on scrap wood
2. Carefully cut out the shape with a jigsaw
*You can skip this step and only work on squares if you want.....It's up to you
3. Carve out your design with the Dremel
*Add lots of detail with dots and lines to make your blocks more interesting
4.  Sand the sides and face of the block
5. & 6.  Gather your paints and foam sheets
7. Place the foam sheet under the fabric, sponge paint on the surface of the printing block
*The foam sheets allow for the wood block to stamp evenly on the fabric surface
8.  Carefully add even pressure to the printing block on the fabric
9.  Use the extra small scraps for smaller printing blocks
 Americana Multi-Surface Satin paints work well on fabrics once they are cured
See you next week!


  1. These look like fun- I could see using these to make fabric for throw pillows.

  2. Pinning these! Thanks for sharing!

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