Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer Watermelon Bowls DIY

I have been googling watermelon bowls all summer and finally decided to try my hand at painting my own.  It took some experimenting, but I figured out a great way to keep the colors looking their truest.  The best part?  These are food and dishwasher safe!  Just take your time and let the paint dry in between coats and you'll be just fine!  I may not even use them for food because I really like how they look empty.  What do you think?  Remember, have fun, paint everything and don't forget to 
Make Your Mark!
 Almost too pretty to use
I like them hanging around just like this!
Watch the quick video tutorial here!
Paint brushes (I like the fine hair brushes when painting on glass)
Rubbing alcohol
Glass bowls in different sizes
1.  Clean the outside of the bowl with rubbing alcohol
2. Paint a line of dark green around the edge of the bowl about 1/4" wide
*Dab the edges so it's a fuzzy line, not a clean, sharp line
3.  Paint seeds with black
4. & 5.  Paint a 3/4" wide fuzzy white line above the green fuzzy line overlapping them slightly
6. Mix the True Red and White to create a dark pink and paint 2 coats over the seeds 
up to the white line
7.  Next paint over the entire bowl with white and let dry
8. & 9.  Paint part of the bowl with the Foliage Green
10.  While still wet, paint the rind stripes with the Dark Green
*Thin at the center of the bowl and getting wider as you reach the rim
11.  Touch up until it looks like a watermelon rind
12.  Follow the instructions for curing and baking on the Gloss Enamels packaging

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