Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fringe Lamp DIY

I got up this morning thinking about a fringe lamp I made for The Big Ass Book of Home Decor.  What an easy project to make that can be done in any color to match any room.....with almost any wire lamp shade base.  I'm definitely going to revisit this project and see how I can update it.  Happy Saturday!  Remember to have fun, update old projects and always Make Your Mark!
Fringe comes in every color under the sun!
An expensive version with brass by Hans Agne-Jakobsson
Stuff You'll Need
Americana Multi-Surface Satin in Red Barn (or a color to match your fringe)
Several yards of 3" - 4" long fringe (longer if you can find it)
Hot glue gun
1 yard chain
"S" hook
Needle nose pliers
Wire lampshade
White glue

Here's How
1.  Cut your chain into 3 12" lengths.
2. Paint the wire lamp base with your red Multi-Surface Satin and let dry
3. & 4. Attach your chain on the wide end of the base equally spaced apart and connect the chains at the top with your “S” hook.
5. Carefully hot glue the fringe (using very little dabs of hot glue!) on each wire all over the base.
6. & 7.  add 1 or two rings of fringe on the inside by gluing the fringe in between the wires.
8.  Take your white glue and go around all of the fringe where it touches the wire frame.  Don’t worry, it will dry clear.

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