Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mexican Folk Art Bottle Cap Crosses

I adore Mexican folk art!  The color, the happiness, the textures, all of it.  Because I have so many bottle caps left over from an ambitious Ebay bid,  I REALLY needed to use them for another project or 2 or 3 or 4......  These bottle cap crosses fit the bill.  Lucky me, I even scored some discarded 
1" x 1" wood pieces at the construction site near my house so all in all, this project didn't cost much to make.  You can even print out the bottle cap images from the  Internet on your home computer. You can find everything from butterflies to saints just ready to print out and use.  Whatever strikes your fancy, really.  Remember, have fun, explore other cultures and always
Make Your Mark!
Color burst!
Displayed on my patio

Watch the video here!
Stuff I Used
Craft bottle caps (try Amazon.com)
Scrap wood
Here's how
1. & 2. Glue your wood pieces together to make a cross with E-6000 and then paint in a color you like
3. & 4.  Embellish with other colors and add dimension with Allure
5. & 6.  Print and cut your bottle cap images and then glue them inside the bottle caps with regular white school glue
7.  Fill them with a small amount of DecoArt's Liquid Glass and let them dry until they are clear
8. Glue the bottle caps to the painted crosses and let dry
Folk Art!

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