Friday, May 18, 2018

Resin and Yarn Bowls DIY

Did you ever make a yarn bowl when you were a kid?  Just a little glue and yarn and a plastic bowl and you were good to go.  The trouble with those 3rd grade yarn bowls is that you can't really put anything inside of them and after about a month, they're back to being a pile of crunchy yarn.  Still, I think they're just beautiful!  I decided to see if I could add a little epoxy resin to the mix, just to see if they would be sturdy enough to fill with fruit.....Guess what?!  It worked like a charm!  A little epoxy resin and these yarn bowls are hard as a rock.  Remember to kick it up a notch and always
Make Your Mark!
 Adora-bowl!  Get it?!
My blue period!
Sturdy enough to fill with oranges, apples or lemons!
Watch how to make them here!
Sponge brush
Yarn in different colors
White school glue
1.  Mix white school glue with a little water and mix
2.  Cut bundles of yarn about 24" in length
3.  Saturate the yarn (a few strands at a time) in the glue
4. & 5.  Strain the yarn between your fingers and artfully wrap around the silicone bowl
6.  Dry in the sun
7.  Mix the Glaze Coat according to directions
8. Sponge all of the yarn with the Glaze Coat until it's soaked 
and then cover while it cures over night
9.  Remove the yarn bowl from the silicone bowl and clip the excess resin drips
 Ready for summer!
Pretty in pink!
Crazy colorful!

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