Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Oil Slick Vases

It has been my lifelong obsession to figure out how to paint an oil slick. You know, the rainbow swirls of color you see floating on top of black oil....They are mesmerizing!  Recently Unicorn SPiT created a sparkling version and BOOM!  Something clicked.  I experimented for a few days before I came up with this process and it ended up being super easy!  Don't you just love it when your craft space doubles as a science lab?!  Remember to experiment until you get it right and 
always Make Your Mark!
 A dash of sunlight and BOOM!  Color!
Glazed perfectly with a spray acrylic!

Watch how easy they are to make here!
Krylon flat black spray paint
Glass vases
Rust-Oleum Gloss Lacquer
Cut up kitchen sponges
1. Spray your glass vases flat black and let dry
2.  Sponge Golden Gosling on various parts of the vase
3.  Sponge Starling Sasha on a bit more of the vase blending, but not overlapping the colors
4.  Next sponge Lavish Lovebirds
5.  Finally sponge Violet Vulture and Sapphire Swift to completely cover the vase
*Blend the colors here and there so there is a nice transition from one to the other
6.  When dry, spray with a clear, high gloss lacquer and let dry
Happy decorating!

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