Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vintage Postcard Pillows

I buy postcards wherever I go.  I can't help it.  My photos are all terrible and postcard pictures are always perfect!  I love sending them to friends, too.  Now, I'm not the first one to make a postcard pillow, but I really wanted to see if I could print fabric on my home printer....You know what?!  YOU CAN and it's fantastic!  The key is using a thin, flat cotton and lacquer fixative to set the ink when you're done.  I can't wait to use this technique on anything and everything!  Remember to experiment until you come up with something amazing and always Make Your Mark!
Sending these out in little boxes!

Watch how I made them here!
Spray Adhesive
Vintage Postcard Images
Sewing Machine
White cotton & colorful cotton fabrics
Poly-Fil Stuffing
Home printer
Spray Lacquer
1.  Press your white cotton fabric as flat as a sheet of paper
2. & 3.  Spray a sheet of copy paper and adhere it to the fabric
4.  Carefully cut around the fabric so it's the exact same size as the copy paper
5. Print your image as large as you can on the fabric on your home printer
6. & 7.  Peel the paper away from the fabric and fix it with a clear lacquer
8.  Cut colorful pillow backs in cotton fabric
9.  With the postcard facing in, stitch around the fabric leaving a 3" opening for stuffing
10.  Turn the pillow inside out
11. & 12.  Stuff with Poly-Fil and stitch closed

Wish you were here!


  1. Mark, this is absolutely AWESOME!! When I get settled in my new home soon, I am definitely going to give this a go. Thank you, as always, for sharing. GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Hey Mark, I think even I can have a beautiful home-created window because of your clear, simple tutorial. Thank you!