Friday, May 11, 2018

Scrap Wood Table DIY

Here's a project to help you get rid of some of that scrap wood you have piling up!  I was about to discard my small scraps and then I started thinking about patchwork quilts and a few of the projects I've made over the last few months.  It hit me that I could makeover a table with a patchwork feel by using up my little scrap wood pieces!  After staining each piece in different green & blue variations, I sanded the edges to distress it a bit.  Love the look so much!  My favorite part the different wood grains going in all different directions.  Remember to use up your scraps and always 
Make Your Mark!
 Scrappy & happy!
Like a patchwork quilt!

1/4" thick scrapwood
Thrift store table
Minwax spray lacquer
Sander & Jigsaw
1.  Make sure you have enough scrap wood to cover the table top
2.  Cut down the pieces so that the fill the entire table 
3. Start with the bigger pieces first and then cut down the smaller scraps to fit the little spaces
4.  Put it all together and take a photo so you have a record of the pattern
5.  Sand each piece so they're nice and smooth
6. - 8.  Stain and wipe each piece with different colors of Unicorn SPiT
9.  When dry, sand the edges for a distressed look
10.  Use a matching color of Unicorn SPiT to paint the bottom of the table
11.  Carefully glue each piece in place on the table top
12.  Spray the entire table with several coats of lacquer
Patchwork perfect!


  1. Beautiful! You must have the most fabulous house & garden/patio...