Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rustic Fall Banner DIY

I made this banner to hang across a fireplace mantle....and then I realized I don't have a fireplace.  Oh well.  I'll string it over my living room mirror for now and maybe later I'll put it on the front door.  Until which time I have a mantle, I'll make due!  I chose to write the words GIVE THANKS because I'm grateful for the life I have.  I get to share with all of you my creative journey.  I journey that I am forever grateful for.  Remember to give thanks and to always Make Your Mark!
 Give thanks!

Watch how I made mine here!
Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner
Americana Multi Surface Satin in White and Orange
Walnut Hollow Birch Ornaments
Satin Ribbon and Twine
Hand Lettered Alphabet Reference
1.  Draw each of the letters in pencil on a birch ornament
2.  Paint leaves around the edge of each ornament
3.  Connect the leaves with a small thin vine
4. & 5. Carefully burn around the edge with the drawing tip from the 
Creative Woodburner tool and then fill in each letter
6.  Using the end of a paintbrush, dab on orange berries amongst the outer vine
7.  Tie each ornament to a long piece of twine using satin ribbon
8.  Hang and enjoy!
There is always a reason to give thanks!

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  1. Hi,
    I have tried to post here, but it always is kicked back!

    Love your crafting style and technique!