Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Mexican Tin Hearts

My first version of Mexican Tin Hearts from a few years ago is still getting tons of attention so I decided to up the game a little and try a few different techniques for this version.  I love the versions I see for sale, but I'd go broke buying every one of them.  Instead, here's an inexpensive way to make your own. Head to the hardware store and grab some aluminum flashing and serrated edge scissors and you're halfway there. Also, if you have some thin cotton gloves, that can be helpful.  I tend to scratch myself when I'm cutting the flashing.  Have fun, make art and don't forget to 
Make Your Mark!

 My trio of hearts
Watch how to make them here!
Aluminum Flashing and Serrated Blade Scissors
Hot glue and glue gun
Prima silicone molds
Americana Acrylic Paints
DecoArt Matte Metallic Paint in Vintage Brass
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paints
Loteria Images
Pattern for heart and frame
Print on standard copy paper
1. & 2.  Trace and cut the heart and frame from the aluminum flashing using serrated edge scissors
and making sure to cut off the sharp points on the flames
3.  Trace a loteria image in the center of the frame, cut of the corners of the frame piece (to the corner of the tracing) and then bend each side upward
4.  Paint the flame part of the flashing black and the base in a light color of your choosing 
5.  Paint flowers, leaves and teardrops using a small round brush around the heart
6.  Paint gold teardrops on the flame with Matte Metallics in Vintage Brass
7. & 8.  Accent the flowers and teardrops with different colors
*The more color the better!
9.  Paint the outside and inside of the frame piece in two different colors
10. & 11. Using Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint, dot all around the edge of the heart, around the edges of the frame piece and along the top of the flame
12.  Glue the loteria card inside of the painted frame piece
13. & 14.  Fill the Prima silicone flower mold with hot glue, remove the flowers and 
paint in different colors
15.  Dry brush the flowers with the Matte Metallics
16  Glue the frame and the flowers on top of the painted heart
La Sirena, my favorite!
All in all another heart on the wall 
I'll bet your friends would love one!


  1. Están súper chulos
    Haz mas d este tipo
    Cruces, aves, ranas, corazones con alas, con pedreria, lagartijas, soles, lunas, estrellas, etc etc


    1. Voy a probar algunos nuevos diseños! ¡Promesa!

  2. Curious, how do you avoid sharp edges?

    1. Use serrated blade shears or serrated scissors. They cut so that the metal isn't sharp.