Friday, May 20, 2016

Resin Nature Tiles

Create beautiful resin tiles to use for a custom backsplash or to use as coasters. This project is a terrific way to remember all of your beautiful plants and flowers you grow in your garden.  Why stop at plants and flowers?  You could use almost anything to create these tiles!  Just remember to make messes, have fun and Make Your Mark! 

Stuff You'll Need
Leaves and Flowers
Plastic Container
1.  Roll out a ball of clay to create a 1/4" thick slab with the bottle
2. Carefully lay your leaves or flowers in the clay and roll the impression onto the clay with the bottle
3. Carefully remove the leaves and flowers making sure not to touch the clay. 
4. & 5. Cut the clay into a square or rectangular tile and let it thoroughly dry
6.  Mix the Amazing Mold Rubber, place the tile face up in a plastic container and cover the tile with the rubber.
*a to-go salad container works well for this
7.  Remove the mold from the plastic container and the tile from the mold making sure it's free of clay
8. & 9. Follow the directions for mixing the Glaze Coat and then stir in a small amount of resin dye to color the resin
10. & 11. Fill the mold with the Glaze Coat and pop the bubbles with a small torch or a long-arm lighter.
12.  Cure overnight and remove the tile when complete.
*If the tile is sticky when you remove it from the rubber mold, you can torch the surface until the surface is completely smooth.