Friday, May 27, 2016

Outdoor Table Makeover

Part 2 of my patio makeover......THE TABLE!  Wow did this need some work. It was warped and weighed about 150 lbs!  I didn't want to get a new one because I really like the legs.....They're amazing legs (just like mine).  I flipped it over, took off the original table top and worked some makeover magic.  At first I thought the stripes might be a little much, but after a week I was in LOVE.  Plus, I can always toss a tablecloth over it if I get bored!  Think twice before you toss things out my friends.  Remember.....Make messes, have fun and never forget to MAKE YOUR MARK!
Working on the chandelier next!
Got these Suzani pillows on Amazon and they match everything I own
See how to makeover your own table here!
Disfigured patio furniture
Hammer and nails
Sander, Drill, Screwdrivers
1" x 6" pine planks the length of the table
1/2" thick plywood the size of the table top
1. 2. & 3. Remover the original table top and replace with a piece of 1/2" thick plywood in the size you want
4.  Arrange the planks across the table
5. & 6. Paint half of the planks black and half white
7.  Sand along the edges to expose the wood and give a distressed look
8.  Paint the base of the table in Adirondack (or any color you love)
9.  Nail or screw the planks in place on top of the plywood
10.  Protect the entire table with a coat of Light Satin Varnish
11. & 12.  Paint on and wipe off the Golden Brown Creme Wax to give depth to the white planks
Have a seat!


  1. Since blue is my fav color, my apt is almost all blue black and white. Sooooo Im in love with your table.Love your talent.

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  4. All the colors really come together as one stunning piece! The pillows are beautiful as well!