Friday, May 6, 2016

No-Sew Upholstered Chair

Yup, you heard me!  Miriam Webster defines Upholster as "to put a covering of cloth, leather, etc., on (a piece of furniture, such as a couch or chair).  Well friends, that's exactly what I did with this boxy dining room chair that almost everyone I know has a version of.  OK, maybe Americana Fabric Decoupage didn't exist when they wrote the definition, but I'm going to compose a persuasive letter to old Miriam and see if we can add a little side note!  This process works on vinyl, leather and smooth fabric covered chairs.  Just make sure you use a generous amount of the decoupage so it becomes "part" of the existing fabric.  Choose cotton with big, bold patterns that you can cut out and arrange to fit the shape of your furniture.  Remember, have fun and make messes!
Alone in the forest
Make a whole set!

Watch how easy it is to do here!
Stuff You'll Need
Cotton fabric with big patterns
Americana Satin Enamels in a color that matches the fabric
Masking tape
1. Tape around the legs to protect the chair
2. & 3. Pick a matching Americana Decor Satin Enamel and paint the legs
4. Cut out the patterns on your fabric
*I chose a large floral because it was easy to overlap and I could use the leaves to fill small spaces
5. Figure out your design
6. & 7. Using a generous amount of Americana Decor Fabric Decoupage, apply the pattern to the chair
8. Clip corners on the fabric pieces to make it easier to decoupage around corners and curves
9. Finish with a thick coat of Americana Decoupage for Fabric
*Sometimes exposed vinyl can remain tacky so either cover all of the vinyl with fabric OR coat the chair with Americana Decoupage in Matte and let dry
Grab a plate and come sit down!

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