Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Outdoor Chair Makeover

It was seriously time to overhaul my patio chairs!  They had been out in the sun and rain for 3 years and even though I love the distressed look, this was way too much.  I'm sure in 2 years they'll look totally different, but for now,  I'm seriously happy that I didn't have fork over the dough to buy another set.  A little paint and plywood and I get to enjoy these for a few more years.  BTW, you can use this technique on almost any thrift store chair.  Toss on a cushion and you're good to go.
Remember, make messes, have fun and Make Your Mark!
I wasn't completely sold on the pink, but I promised myself some color this year!

Watch the tutorial here!
1/4" plywood
2" wide masking tape
Hammer & nails
1. & 2.  Press butcher paper around the seat to make a pattern and then cut on the creases
3. & 4. Trace the pattern on 1/4" thick plywood, cut out and sand
5.  Paint the plywood in Everlasting (white)
6.  Starting in the exact center, create stripes with masking tape
7.  Paint over the edges of the masking tape with more Everlasting
*this technique insures that your stripes are PERFECT
8.  Slowly remover the masking tape when the paint is almost dry
9. Paint the chairs (I chose Reminisce and Victorian)
10.  Nail the seat to the chairs 
11.  Seal everything with Americana Decor Light Satin Varnish
12.  Paint on and wipe off the Golden Brown Crème was to give an aged and distressed look and then seal with a bit more varnish to help protect from the elements
Now I'm ready to tackle the table!


  1. Hi Mark
    Your new Patio Chairs are so glamorous and so much fun. Love the colors and the new wood seat.

  2. I absolutely love these!!!! Breaking into the hubby's power tools.....shhhhh don't tell

  3. As always Mark, these turned out so pretty! Love them.